PVC windows

Durability, effectiveness and beauty

Wide variety of finishes

Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation

Possibility of choice of glasses

Special hardware against theft

Curved or smooth profiles that integrate into the architectural space

Easy to use and install

High durability

Efficient, ecological and economical

Save energy

PVC windows are an elegant design solution and allow you to save 70% on heating and air conditioning.

GENEO system

GENEO is the first window profile system that, thanks to the RAU FIPRO material, eliminates thermal bridges through which energy is lost in windows and doors. Thanks to the new sealing concept, with 3 levels of perimeter seal, windows and doors made with GENEO profiles exert an optimized closing pressure, which reduces the force to be applied in the opening and closing manoeuvres. GENEO systems take carpentry enclosures one step further. This type of profile is manufactured with a high-tech material, RAU-FIPRO, which provides extraordinary resistance with less weight. It has a construction depth of 86mm and 6 chambers, as well as a depth of 44mm for triple glazing. Its surface is of high quality, smooth and easy to maintain. Assembly and handling are easier, due to a 40% reduction in weight compared to conventional windows.

799 Series

Thanks to the five-chamber system, REHAU Brilliant-Design profiles offer superior thermal insulation. The heat remains inside in winter and in summer the excess heat is outside the house. Enjoy the warmth and well-being of your home with the added advantage of saving heating and air conditioning. The 799 series of PVC windows with REHAU Brilliant-Design profiles are suitable for both new construction and eco-efficient rehabilitation.

Windows are an investment for life. If what you are looking for is quality in design, living in a comfortable environment, saving thanks to effective thermal insulation and preserving the value of your home, then PVC windows, made with REHAU Brillant-Design profiles, are the solution. If you have high demands in terms of design and want the finishes to be as you wish, a wide variety of shapes, colors, decorations and design sheets are offered, allowing you to make everything you imagine come true. Windows with large glazed surfaces must have good protection against the cold. REHAU Brilliant-Design profiles minimize cold radiation so that you always feel comfortable in your home.

730 series

The profiles of the REHAU S730-Basic-Design system are characterized by their slim shape and pleasing aesthetics. They present a wide variety of applications in windows and balconies, both in new construction and rehabilitation. It is recommended in large works due to its versatility and resistance. In addition to extensive quality controls, they are subject to external inspection by the SKZ (South German Center for Polymer Materials) in Würzburg and bear the approval mark from the RAL quality section “Polymer window profiles”.


The SYNEGO lift-up sliding door offers you an unobstructed view. Enjoy a home flooded with natural light and the sight of an open horizon within your home.

This PVC profile brings more light to each element of the façade. With a maximum element width of 10 meters and a height of up to 2.60 meters it offers endless design options.

SYNEGO lift-and-slide doors are available with all common opening types. Passage widths of up to 5 meters are possible. Maximum width of passage so as not to put barriers to the outside.